Wednesday 27 June 2018

Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts

My sister and I decided to visit the Summer Exhibition at the RA for the first time and we really enjoyed the experience.  There really was everything there from the sublime to the rediculous and we were very inspired.
There were so many pieces that I loved including Anselm Kiefers fantastic piece which was so textural.  I could talk for hours about the work but decided that I would only photograph pieces that had stitching on them.  I was very pleased that there were some and they were excellent and diverse.
Please excuse my terrible photography but Some of the work was high up or low down and it was hard to take a good photo.

The Bristol 2 Litre Engine - Julie Heaton

The Young Stevie Nicks - Amy Burt
Material Tenderness - Michelle Holmes
Via Con Me (Dreaming of you) - Francesca Colussi

Emmaline - Francesca Colussi

Map Mundi 1 - Renata Adela
Europe Running Through My Veins - Tisna Westerhof
Sunlight And Shadows - Alison Holt
Rabbexit(An Homage To Brexit) - Yimiao Shih

Little House on the Prairie - Julia Hall

I hope that I matched all of the names correctly, if not I appologize now!

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