Wednesday 16 July 2014

Scrap Box Challenge - Part 2

I had some bags of already cut 1 1/2inch squares which when joined together make 1 inch by 1 inch squares.  I joined a whole lot up to make some 5 inch (finished ) squares and some strips.

Scrap Box Challenge - Part 1

I have decided that I have too many scap bags and boxes and so have  challenged myself to make a simple scrap quilt in order to use some up.  I allowed myself to add calico and set off making a few 11/2 inch strip log cabin blocks to get started.  I just used radom colours.

    One of my many scrap boxes.

Sewing with Friends

Every Monday afternoon I meet with my very best friends and we sew, chat, drink pints of tea and as today eat yummy cake.  Today we met at Jenny's house and sat in her gorgeous courtyard garden as the weather was so warm.  Jenny made a scrumptious carrot cake and we sewed as we put the world to right.

    Jenny Saadi playing the hostess.

    My sister Sonia and Sandra Kidwell
   Sandra, Jenny and Jenny Manning who is a member of our group but moved away and comes back to visit on a regular basis.
Another member of our group is Elizabeth Angle who was sitting next to me on the bench.
    Sandra has been putting the finishing touches on the wonderful quilt top which we just had to admire as we have seen it as it has grown.

Monday 14 July 2014

Saturday 12 July 2014

Saved by a Snail

My husband was wearing his new shirt for the second time over in the barn and he caught it on a hook.  This resulted in a tear on the back near the bottom.  I decided that I wanted to repair it by covering the area with something fun and decided that as it was along the bottom of the shirt that a creature would fit the bill.  In the end I chose a snail, bonded and free machine embroidered over.

The dreaded hook which will be coming off very soon!

Japanese Tunic

I have bought a couple of Japanese pattern books recently and thought that I would try and make a cotton tunic from one of them.  You have to trace off the patterns which are provided on extra pattern sheets and add seam allowances.  As the pattern was quite roomy I decided to make a size 12 and hope for the best as the book said that the sizes had been adjusted for western people.

I had a few metres of some Tula Pink fabric which I had bought for quilt making and decided I would use that.

The tunic came together without any trouble and the fit was great.  The look is perhaps a bit young for me but I like it all the same!  I think I might try and make it in some linen next time.

I am very impressed with this book and will be trying more of the patterns inside.

Sunday 6 July 2014

Glitzy T-Shirt

I have finally used some of the glitzy lurex fabric which I bought a while ago from Fabric Land and made a t-shirt.  I wanted to make the top half with some t-shirt fabric but couldn't find the right colour.  I took a risk on some stretchy man made velvet and I think the tee shirt looks a bit cheap.

I however used Vogue V8877 pattern and was very pleased with the overall look and fit of the tee shirt and will make it again with some other fabrics.  I made the scarf as I had some fabric left. The top is actually prettier in the flesh as it is covered in sequins which catch the light.