Wednesday 23 August 2017

Winter Panel Wallhanging 1

I have an area in my hall on which I like to hang a wall hanging for each season and I was missing one for Winter.  At the Festival of Quilts I bought a Scandinavian Folk panel which I thought I could customise.  I could have made the whole hanging from scratch but I am very short of time.

I cut out the blocks and placed them on my design wall for inspiration. I cut out a few small squares to test them for colour.
Each panel was  10 inches square and so after I measured the size of the finished hanging, I cut out some 10  inch squares and did a rough plan of where they would positioned.
I rearranged the panel blocks  and then started working in the spaces with small squares.  I wanted to keep the colour palette simple with grey, white, red and pink.
I wanted some of the blocks to look like red work and so I searched through my embroidery patterns on my embroidery unit for any that might be suitable.  I didn't want any Christmas ones as I would like to have the option of hanging the quilt all Winter.

Some designs were sown out with red thread, some with grey and others in white to add variety.