Thursday 28 May 2015

Hexagon Bug - 7

I made and sewed on a row of light brown hexagons inside my border to hide any gaps along the edge of the background fabric.  I  used  light brown so that there would not be a strong line around the edge.
I tacked and then appliqued the border onto the background fabric.

I am going to applique the outer edge of the border onto this beige fabric and mitre the edges.  This might take some time!

Saturday 23 May 2015

Owlivia our Barn Owl

Some photographs of Owlivia from our live cam sitting on four eggs.
You can see the story of our barn owl at, under wildlife.

The eggs should hatch any time soon and if you visit the site you can what happens.  It is nature so anything can happen!

We asked our family and friends to name her!
 Sometimes it is as if she knows we are looking at her.

 Owlivia turns the eggs to make sure they are kept constantly warm.

Garden Clearance

I have not had a lot of time to sew in the last couple of weeks because we had a family friend to stay  over to help cut down and clear some of our wilderness.  After four days of hard work we have achieved a lot but still have a great deal to do.   The bonfire was burning continiously but we still have a mountain to burn.  We do now have a good log pile for the log burner we hope to buy soon.

We found this beautiful birds nest.

The area near the vegetable garden is now becoming more open but most of these trees still need to come down.

I have started to reclaim my sleeper steps which were hidden with weeds and nettles but cannot go further until the trees have been cropped.

 Half of the old wall had already fallen down and the rest is now exposed.  We will use it hopefully as part of the foundations of our new garage (We need planning first!).


The hazel trees have been cropped and will be removed when the digger comes to dig out the foundations for our new kitchen and patio.