Friday 31 October 2014

Halloween Wool Felt Hangings

I always have these wool felt hangings  on my wall for Halloween.  I bought the primitive patterns in America many years ago whilst on a quilting trip to New England.  I cannot remember who designed them, sorry!

Monday 27 October 2014

Large T Shirt

I wanted to use up the stretchy rose fabric which I had left over from the previous tunic project and so made this loose comfortable top with some added t shirt fabrics.  I have used pattern number V8877 which I used to make a lurex sleeveless t shirt earlier this year. I am very pleased with the result and think I may make a sweat shirt weight version later.

    The generous fit allows for layering and is very comfortable to wear.

Monday 20 October 2014

My Favourite Mug Quilt

I have finally gotten around to photographing the quilt which I entered into the Festival of Quilts.  It was inspired by a favourite mug which I bought on a trip to Helsinki in Finland. I also did some of the design work while I was enjoying a weekend with Janet Edmonds at Missenden Abbey on the Taking Textiles Further Course.

I have used a raw edged fabric technique for the background with zig zag stitching which quilts at the same time and bonded appliqué with free machine quilting and embroidery.  The quilted wall hanging measures 127cms x 124cms.           .

Thursday 16 October 2014

Late Delphiniums

I have never been able to grow delphiniums except in a very poor neglected area of the garden and they are truly magnificent if I say so myself being well over 7 feet tall.  I was surprised that some of them produced a second smaller flower and I picked them because of the windy rainy weather.

    I love the colour combination of the plants, jug, vase and plants.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Stretch Rose Tunic

I have been using my Overlocker to make a few more tops.  I bought the fabric for my tunic at the Festival of Quilts from the M. Rosenberg stand.  It is a very stretchy knit and cost £10 a metre.  I bought 1.50 metres and could have made the tunic a little longer as I had some left over.  I used a favourite vogue pattern number V8952 which I love and have made many previous tops from, though I have not made this version.  You can see a picture of the pattern on a previous blog post titled "My First Overlocker Garment". I was very pleased with the fit and the fabric drapes beautifully, though it is quite cool to the touch.

   The top was so quick to make that I will certainly be making some more of these for winter.  Oh I do love my overlocker!

Thursday 9 October 2014

Linen Wrap Cardigan 3

The cardigan has now dried and I knitted two 4 stitch cords on 2 double ended needles.  once these were washed I sewed them onto the centres of the pockets and tied each one into a bow.

The cardigan is a snug but Ok fit which means it is a success!

Friday 3 October 2014

Wrap Linen Cardigan 2

I finally sewed all of the pieces of the cardigan together and washed them. It took me several washes to remove the wax and I  finally gave it a gentle wash in the washing machine on cold/hand wash.
I laid the cardigan on a towel over my AGA which we had put briefly on because of the cold spell.

I tacked the front of the cardigan together so that it would not stretch down the two fronts.