Wednesday 8 March 2017

Barn Development - Back Garden

David our builder laid down some hard core where the new garage will eventually be located.  He also laid some more up the path to the back door so that we could walk outside  with out becoming muddy.

He then had to leave us to go and do some  building work for some one else, as we didn't have the planning through for the garage. 

We were eager to enjoy the garden for at least  the end of summer and so ended up hiring another builder to build us a patio area and some retaining walls.

We had to leave the builders as we shot off on a holiday to Japan with some family members while my brother house sat and kept an eye on things.

When we arrived back the garden was well on its way.  Lets just say we had some problems with the garden which were resolved to our satisfaction.

As our land is on a slope we had to have a higher area outside the barn with steps coming down to the area outside of the kitchen.

The earth was held back with sleepers.

Finally the hard core was down and the grey lime stone slabs were being laid down.

We have made some planting areas and two sets of steps up to the garden.

The garden area was finished and ready to plant up with some low maintenance plants and garden furniture.