Friday 31 July 2015

Hexagon Bug - 8

I attached the last border to the quilt center and decided to see what happened at the corners of the quilt before deciding how I was going to tackle them. The hexagon shapes create the two opposite ends the same, and the other two opposite ends the same but different from the other ones.

I decided that the corners needed to be be more pointy and added an extra blue and pink flower in each. I trimmed back the border edge on two opposite borders so that each border was 5 inches away from the applique.

I folded the fabric until a mitre was created to meet the corner of the borders and mid point on my blue added flowers.  This creates a wierd angle but I think looked the neatest. I hand stitched the mitres and later trimmed off the excess fabric.
What next!

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Knitted Fairies - 2

 Here is the third of my knitted fairies.  This one has a bit of attitude and glamour but with smaller wings.