Friday 3 June 2016

Barn Development 12

Some further photos showing two of the Velux window openings.

Looking back over the kitchen area which is going to be covered with zinc because the pitch is too shallow for slate. There are going to be three Velux windows but they have to be raised at the back to create the right angle so they do not leak.  They are a bit taller than I thought!!!

A view from the garden showing where the kitchen connects to the rest of the rebuild.  All we need now is a roof.

Barn Development 11

 Inside views looking up showing the beams, roof supports and blue tarpaulins added to keep the rain out.  It was quite tricky for David our builder to work in the top roof space.

A view from the outside with the roof supports over my new sewing room and what was once  the log store. Areas have been cut out for some Velux windows.

The area over the new kitchen extension has been completed  and where it joins the other roof a valley has been created. The angles and addition of another Velux in the hallway  created some problems but everything was sorted out in the end.