Wednesday 28 May 2014

Cotton Maxi. Skirt

After making my first maxi skirt I decided to make one in cotton with a folded t shirt fabric folded top.  I managed it though it is a tighter fit because of course the fabric has no stretch.  The fabric which I used for the top only had a one way stretch and I found that it only just fits me.  I am learning fast about different stretch fabrics and they really do make a difference to the finished garment.

I am still happy with my skirt and it  really shows off the pretty fabric.  I still have some more left so no doubt that will be made into something!

Monday 26 May 2014

Maxi Skirt

After looking on Pinterest I decided I would try and make a maxi skirt with some two way stretch fabric bought at Fabric Land.  I didn't know much about stretchy fabrics and found that this fabric had so much stretch that the skirt fitted more on my hips than my waist.  I followed a tutorial on Simplelivincrafts.blogspot for which I am very grateful and I was really pleased with the result, especially as I just drew the shape on the folded fabric.  I made the waist band twice the normal height which can then be folded over so no elastic was used which makes it very comfortable to wear.

I have decided that I love my overlocker!  It is like gold spray paint at Christmas.  I keep looking for what I can sew up next on it!

Friday 23 May 2014

A Second Overlocked Tunic

My second tunic was made with the same pattern and view but I  added a little extra room down the back seam.  I tried to make the neck band a little bigger and found that it looks a little stretched in places.  I added an rayon mix fabric bought at  John Lewis for the front which was not stretchy and added a band of the other fabric along the bottom to give it some body. All in all I was well pleased and that little extra room will make it more comfortable to wear.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

My First Overlocker Garment

It took me most of the day as I had to learn how to use my overlocker and re thread it, but I was very pleased with my first tunic top.  I did not do any pre measuring and just made the size 12 as the pattern came.  The pattern I used was Very Easy Vogue V8952, view A designed for stretchy fabrics.

I wanted to make the front of the tunic with a cotton rayon mix fabric and so had to test all my seams first.  My overlocker coped with them beautifully.  I was especially pleased with my neckline which I attached with the overlocker and then top stitched on my sewing machine with my top stitch foot attached.

I decided to add some pockets and shorten the sleeves.  It was quite a snug fit and I am glad that I washed all the fabrics first.  When I make this again I will try and make a little bigger to make up for thye fact that the front does not shretch.  All in all I was quite chuffed with myself!

I didn't realise how much I look like my sister from the back!

Friday 16 May 2014

My New Overlocker

After lots of consideration I treated myself to a new overlocker.  I did a google research on the different ones and the  Brother 1034D seemed to have a lot of great reviews.  It was also one of the cheaper ones and  so there was less risk of spending  lots of money on something that I might not use enough.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago but I have only this week had a chance to have a play.  It is all very exciting but a bit scary too.  I have three sewing machines and an embellisher so hopefully I will get the hang of it.

 Watch this space!

I think I have changed the threads correctly!

There was some slight confusion with the upper looper but I think I got there in the end.

All I need is an old tee shirt to practice on.

Ooo  I think I might be hooked!

Friday 9 May 2014

Open Studio Thoughts

We have really enjoyed holding Open Studio at Pennys house instead of my studio in the barn at Highwood Farm.  We are currently trying to sell the house and so we could not hold it there this year but thanks to Pennys husband Andy who installed  professional hanging systems every where in their house, our work showed better than ever.

We would like to thank everyone who came to see our work and support us and hope that you were inspired in your own work as we are when see other peoples.

A big thank you to Penny for inviting me to join her in her home and for Andy for all of his help and for putting up with our visitors  with all that entails.

More Penny Pinkard Textile Pieces

More Open Studio Photos

Here are some of Penny Pinkards beautiful Textile pieces and a picture of her wonderful garden. The light was very bright and so there is some reflection on the glass I am afraid.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Open Studio 2014

I am currently holding an Open Studio with Penny Pinkard as part of the West Berkshire Open Studio Scheme. I attended the opening ceremony at Greenham Arts last Friday for the main exhibition.   This exhibition has a piece of everyone's work and runs until the end of May.  Information about this exhibition may be found on the Open Studio website.

We are holding our own exhibition at Pennys house in Upper Woolhampton.  Information about this is on an earlier blog entry, including a map.

Here are some photos.

Open Studio 2014 Photos