Friday 25 December 2015

TextileArt07 Christmas Decoration 2015

Happy Christmas!

The Christmas challenge set by the TextArt07 group this year was to do something with a small double metal hoop.  It did not have to have a Christmas theme but I was very short of time and thought it could be my Christmas decoration tutorial.

Then I came down with a dreadful chest infection and although I had finished the wreath, missed the party and did not have time to do the tutorial. I did take a few photos and so decided here on Christmas morning to show you how I made it.

 This is rare I might add as I usually host Christmas Dinner for lots of people but with all the building work going on we were invited to family. This means I am calm and relaxed instead of running around in a flap.

I painted the hoop with some white paint to soften the colour.  I then made lots of small sandwiches of angelina fibre, silver fabric and lace, and organza, covered with a layer of chiffon and placed it in a large sewing hoop.

I then free machine stitched some five petalled flowers with silver thread.

I cut each one out with a border.
I then took some silver wire and knotted on some crystal beads leaving gaps.  I wrapped the wire in the gaps along a pencil to make them curly. 
I made a circle of angelina fibre and laid it at the back of the hoop.  I stitched the flowers on the front of the hoop, through  onto the angelina at the back, and added a crystal bead in each centre.  I then carefully wound the wire around and around the hoop.  I touched the wire up with a little white paint to highlight it in places.

Being very short of time this year I decided to place the wreath on the top of my Christmas cake.

Hanging on a cupboard door.

Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year.