Thursday 11 June 2015

Knitted Fairies 1

Some time ago I was introduced by my friend Ann, to a book called Knitted Fairies by Fiona McDonald, and I decided that I just had to try creating some. These two were knitted as a pair.
 I found that the parts knitted up quickly, but it took ages to sew them all together, especially  adding the little ears and forming the hands.

I did not always stay completely true to the fairies in the book but took bits and pieces from several depending on the materials I had. This fairies hair was made from feather boa trim.
I did not make the eyes as the book instructed but printed the ones from the book onto fabric and carefully cut them out and glued them in place. I will show you the other ones I have made in another blog.  After having another look at the book I am tempted to make some more but I really just do not have the time!

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Owlivia Update

We think that 3 out of 4 of Owlivias eggs have hatched, though it may only be 2. The first chick hatched 1 week before the others and is now large enough to sit next to her.  He or she can be seen trying to nibble on the numerous mice bodies.  We were worried that the difference in size might mean he/she would pick on the smaller ones to compete for food but this is a good year for mice and there is plenty to eat.

The young chick can also stretch his/her wings now that there is more space available.