Tuesday 31 January 2017

Barn Development - 26

We chose a Neptune painted kitchen from Ben Heath in Newbury.  We wanted a very simple layout with minimal wall units.

The day the kitchen units arrived  was very exciting. It didnt take long before they had been arranged along the back wall.

A plynth was added to support an upstand at the back of the work surface.
The island was then bolted together.

The extractor fan was assembled and put up.  It was quite a  complicated proceedure because of the zinc roof.

Pegs were added to support a shelf either side of the extractor fan.  Meanwhile the lighting was going up as well.

The island work surface is oak and was made especially.

The sink area was completed and a few days later the granite was templated and fitted.
Once the shelf was added with lights the area was complete.
We chose granite along the back wall also and once that was down the hob was inserted.

The completed kitchen.

Barn Development - 25

The floor being laid down the hall way.
I moved some of my sewing things into my new sewing room and this was an attempt to keep the cats and dust out!
More flooring.
The en suite floor tiles going down.
The walk in shower taking shape.  Kevin is an excellent tiler.

The main bathroom, or my sanctuary! walls being primed for tiles.

The tiles over the bath completed and the radiator hung.
Meanwhile we are starting to move furniture into the master bedroom.

Space yeh!!!

We bought a whole load to wardrobes from Ikea so that we could put them up straight away and begin to get sorted.  If they fall to bits some time later, then we can think again.

Friday 27 January 2017

Barn Development - 24

This mess really started to get us down as you could not clean or find anything.

We had to store the oak in the barn so that it could acclimatize.

I did make my self a mini office corner.

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Barn Development - 23

Now that we had formed a utility room, we started to cause more dirt and chaos to the kitchen area of the cottage by building a new larder.

Before long the stud work was added and then plastered.

In the utility room, what was left of the old floor was levelled with levelling compound.

We moved some of the food and kitchen stuff into the utility room so that we could function.

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Barn Development - Walk in Closet

I added some Ikea metal poles and shelves to the back and walls of my closet.  On the floor I bought some Ikea TV tables and placed shoe boxes, again from Ikea in them. I also added a white box I had for winter jumpers.

On the left side I have bags, belts and costume jewellery.  I can add extra bags on top of the shelf. 

Further on I have dresses and long clothes.
I have 2 rows of hangers for tops, trousers and skirts.
On the right side I have poles for lots of scarves.
Shoes and boots.

Up in the eves I have some extra shelves for storage and suitcases.
It may be small but it holds every thing I want and I can see what I have.

Barn Development - 22

The kitchen floor tiles going down.  We chose a gorgeous grey limestone.

In the meantime, Anjay our Polish friend was taking up the old floor in the cottage kitchen area.  It did not go with the new floor and what we had planned with the rest of the cottage.
What a stressful, filthy and noisy job it was.  We were at the end of our tether at this point but we had to carry on.

Once the floor was removed Anjay built some new stud walls around the sink area to make a new utility room.
More electrical holes were being cut to supply new lights and light switches.

The utility room finished and ready to paint.