Thursday 25 September 2014

Circles Quilt Finished at Long Last!

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to quilt my Circle quilt.  I have finally finished and decided to add some buttons.  I found it quite difficult to quilt the small circles and so the buttons added a bit of stability in some of the circle centres, as well as a shiny contrast.

 I also added some very small vermicelli quilting in a few circles for contrast.

    You can see on the back of the quilt where my circles have become a bit wobbly!

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Linen Wrap Cardigan 1

After selling my knitting machine last year I ended up with some cones of fine wool which needed using up.  I am not very patient with working out correct tensions from knitting tension squares but did make a trial tiny square with which I experimented with different size needles. I had to wash the piece afterwards as Machine knitting wool is waxed.

I decided to try use a very favourite pattern which I have knitted up several times as is quite a loose fit. It is from the book called Knitting by Sarah  Dallas and the pattern which I used is named the Wrap Cardigan.

I knitted all of the pieces and decided to add a moss stitch border to the collar as well as make some little patch pockets.

As you can see Mishti is trying to star on my blog again!

    Here are the knitted pieces ready to sew together before washing.  The yarn I used  is mainly linen with wool  and so it has a rough texture.

Friday 19 September 2014

Circles Quilt Continued

I have decided to free machine little balls in the spaces created by the vermicelli quilting.  I thought it would be quite quick to do but it took me ages.  I hopped from space to space and sewed a little ball which left little tags on the front and back of the quilt.  it took me all evening cutting them off.  Thankfully there is lots of good TV on!

Tuesday 16 September 2014


I couldn't resist drying some Hydrangers over my AGA which we had put on for a couple of days because of a cold spell.  Some of them I picked from my garden and some from Sonia's.

Thursday 11 September 2014

Cats and Cushions

I couldn't resist photographing one of my cats Mishti sleeping amongst my cat cushions bought from Marks and Spencer's a while back.  She has certainly  made herself at home.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Circles Quilt continued

After adding a few quilted circles I. decided to fill in most of the background with vermicelli stitch with added loops.  I have left some gaps for something else. I am not sure what that will be yet.  I am using a 30 weight cotton in neutral colours.

Friday 5 September 2014

Circles Quilt - Continued

I have now finished sewing around all of the circles on my quilt and have also added a few  echo circles for interest. I think the next stage will be to add extra quilted circles on the back ground, but I do not have any extra time for now.  Here are some photos of how the quilt is looking.

Monday 1 September 2014

Festival of Quilts - Clothing

 There were some nice entries for the quilted Creations catagory.  The one that really caught my eye for workmanship and detail was created by Kathy Knapp.    I would have loved to see the outfit on somebody, especially with the unusual trousers. The detailed embellishment was fantastic  and the necklace and matching bag finished the outfit to perfection.


Sheena Norquays quilted jacket, beautifully made and so wearable.  I love the choice of fabrics too. Imfact there is nothing that Sheena Norquay makes that I don't love.