Tuesday 23 August 2016

BArn Development 16

Our builders laid a small foundation outside the cottage door and then built some brick work for a new oak porch.  This was being made by an oak craft man called David Clooney who had also constructed the roof beams for our extension.

The brickwork on the cottage was old and very bad but the builders removed the old pointing and re pointed it leaving an area for the new porch roof. 

Once the oak porch was fitted the builders added the slate and lead and it was finally finished.  I was so happy with it that I came several times that evening to have another look!  We have ordered a new front door as the old one has seen better days!

Thursday 11 August 2016

Barn Development 15

We waited  a few weeks for the bi fold doors to be added as the builders were making a lot of mess while plastering, but finally they came.  The frame fitted perfectly and they were up very quickly.

We were very pleased with the result and now we are finally weather proof.  The rest of the walls and ceilings can be plastered.

Barn Development 13

The zinc roof is being installed but the company forgot to order the Velux windows!  This is a big problem as the plasterers cannot proceed until they are put in and the whole project has to be put back.

There were a lot of people in a bad mood!

The window openings have to be covered over to protect against rain while we wait for the windows, which could be weeks!

In the mean time the builders could now put on the slate roof.

Where the kitchen roof joins the main roof was a difficult task which was made even more difficult because we wanted two Velux windows in the hallway.

The windows became smaller and smaller until we had to have some bespoke ones made which were quite expensive.  We had them in the kitchen for weeks but when we opened the box we found that the measurements had been turned around and they were no good!

More hours on the phone and delays but finally the builders managed to squeeze some off the shelf ones in and the company refunded us the cost as it was their error.

The whole roof episode cost us weeks of time and was very stressful. We got there in the end however and the builders had done an excellent job.

Barn Development 14

The new windows have finally arrived and been placed which means that the plastering can begin.

I took great pains to make sure that I chose the correct colour but they look too blue to me.  I will have to try and get used to them!  It might help when the wood cladding has gone grey.

The kitchen side window looking out.

The main bedroom and en suite bathroom.