Wednesday 12 September 2018

Handmade Style Tunics

The pattern for this tunic made in cotton was from a book called "Handmade Style" by Anna Graham  and features an overlapped shoulder detail which means it does not need a zip or other opening.

On the first version I accidentally reversed the shoulder overlap.  This did not notice very much and I found the garment came together very easily.

I decided to make a second tunic but  I found the shoulders harder to work this time and they did not lay correctly, so I sewed on some buttons which corrected the problem.

This photo shows the shoulder detail with added button.  I also added buttons on the sleeve cuffs.
The tunic also features two front pockets.
The cuffs also overlap and turn back on themselves.
I love this book as there are so many great projects in it.
This is the first version which I made in a grey cotton with the shoulder flaps going the wrong way.

I have worn both garments many times.

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