Tuesday 8 May 2018

Barn Development - The Front Garden

We drafted out a design for  the area in front of the large barn windows as we did not want to look out on to cars and a stark brick wall.

The builders set to work building a small pagoda.

They paved underneath so that I could place a couple of chairs there.
The area next to the small summerhouse needed sorting and with the help of the digger the area was transformed.
The builders then made some raised beds out of sleepers.

The areas around the paving were lined with sleepers to keep the soil from the gravel.  A gate way was left so we can nip next door quickly if need be.

The new area in front of the summer house was paved.
This was how it was originally and many years ago housed a pig pen.
On the right hand side some of the drive was dug out for more raised beds.

I bought a rusty reflection pool and started planting right away.

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